Thursday, December 3, 2009

Which is more Important?

Which 1 more important in your life?


CAREER?  FAMILY?  LOVE?  FRIEND?  or other things??




Anonymous said...

family is always the most important. nothing is more important than family. in order to keep happiness among family members, love is important too. not only between family, love is also important to everything. between friends, colleagues, or towards lifeless thing. after love is friends. friends always accompany us during ups and downs (other than family). finally is career. career is important to earn living. but, without love towards career, that job is meaningless as well. life with successful career, but without family, love and friends... can u imagine it??

that's what i think. living in the foreign country, i miss my family so much. friends are very important here, sharing love and care. career? i'll put at the last place.

what about u?

ray said...

wow.. nice, very detail~

what i'm think is, in different level of life will get the different answer.. like when u just 20, maybe u will think friends or love is important..
When u reach age 25 to 30, maybe u will think career is important..

for me, now i'll put career at first place, i thinking, now i'm nothing, if my career have some success then maybe i will put Love or Family in 1st place..~^ not 1st, but at least 28% career, 28% Love, 28% family, 16% friends. hahaha

good to share~ sharing is caring~^