Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bukit Genting~^ SUNSET Again!!^

woooo.. i like Bukit Genting very much~^ nice view, fresh air nice sunset..& nice food also..~haahhahaPanorama1_S  Sunset Panaroma view from Bukit Genting.


Nice Sunset? i like the sun ray.. that’s so nice~~


Car’s Photo Shoot~

Snowy_1Snowy_2  how izzit? hahahha… my car’s photo shoot again~ you are so handsome, Snowy!!~



Thursday, April 16, 2009

Water Festival in Penang~^

This year is my 1st time to join the water festival ( 泼水节 in chinese ) in Wat Chaiyamangalaram near Burma Road’s police station there. It was really really fun and enjoy!!!!! whole body get wet~ really exited!! will join again next year~ LOL..buy a lousy water gun cost me RM 12.oo..LOL..wahahaha.. P1170428

from left: jolin, chien ling, mei thing and me


lousy water gun..^^^^


group photo.. from left: jin, poh soon, ps’s gf, jolin, chien ling, mei thing, me.



Monday, April 13, 2009

Mini Trip to Pulau Aman~^

Actually this mini trip also is a “photo shooting competition”..

wakakak.. the title for this competition...very obvious la.. “The lifestyle of Pulau Aman”. Every participant can pass up 2 photos, 1 is raw, another 1 can doing touch up or DI. Total 20marks. The winner will only 1.. and the prize is a LOMOGRAPHY Camera..AWESOME!!!!~



Waiting boat at the jetty.. near to Batu Kawan Stadium.









in the boat..very tight..@.@ but still can took photo..LOL


















Brunch at Pulau Aman..MEE UDANG..soooo DELICIOUS..!!! rm6.00 each..hav at least 3 huge prawns.. n the prawns really fresh..OISHIIIIII ne!!


GROUP Photo~!! wakaka..many people..@.@

K02_2106_B&WK02_2160_B&W K02_2143K02_2116   K02_2127_2

1-5 are the photo that i selected from my whole day shoot in P.Aman. The 4th & 5th are my participate photo..hahaha..~ LOMO..i’m coming!!!~














Friday, April 10, 2009

Nice Restaurant in Town - Harvest In

DSC01050 DSC01052

Nice Exterior~                                    Nice Window with street view

DSC01053 DSC01057 Nice Interior~ & ambience           Menu..


located at between jalan irrawadi and jalan choy thye.

closed on Tuesday dinner and Sunday.

open on 10.00am to 10.00pm..western food.

Go and check it out~..u will like it.



Thursday, April 2, 2009

Piggy Ray~

check this out~!!


wakakaka…!!! 猪八戒上身!!

hav Fun..hehehe



KL Tower

DSC01009 DSC01003

2 Differents time to shoot KL Tower…..

which 1 more cool?.. hehehe