Friday, June 11, 2010

Mayday DNA World Tour Concert

5th of June 2010….. 8.00pm

Mayday(五月天) DNA World Tour 2010 Unlimited Edition Live In Malaysia

at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, Malaysia.

i went there at 5.15pm.. there already very very crowded.. i go for the ROCK ZONE, because of the free standing, so i have to go line up earlier.  If not mistaken in front of me was around 100++  peoples lining up.

The gate was open at 7.00pm.. when i get in… i feel awesome! many many people.. this was my 1st time for watching concert. When time come to 7.50pm, the organization – Marctensia, had invite the 终极天团三强to sing a song for each group. After their perform, come another young malay guy, who knows 16 languages to sing a famous cantonese song - 海阔天空. He sang really really well. Give him double thumbs up!!! BUT… we came for Mayday concert la… where is MAYDAY???? after a few minutes… 丁当came out and sang 我爱他,  on that time, all yell like crazy..~ woohoo!! AWESOME!!!! 丁当is Mayday’s junior. Then continue sang an old song - 我是一只小小鸟 in high key version.. WOW~ that’s GREAT!!!

After 丁当 perform, Short movie was played by a projector on a very huge screen. While the movie play to another change screen…. BOOM!!! the huge screen falling down, and MAYDAY already at the back of the huge screen ready to ROCK & ROLL!!!  1st song 春天吶喊 then軌車、愛情萬歲、HOSES、你不是真正的快樂、生存以上生活以下、瘋狂世界+候鳥、時光機、我心中尚未漰潰的地方、人生海海.

after 人生海海, continue played that short movie which is played on the beginning of the concert, i think many of us will get supprise, because of the transformers appear on that movie. when the movie came to another change screen, the huge bumble bee appear on the stage.. IT WAS SO COOL MAN!!! i think got 30feets height. continue sang DNA、雌雄同體、離開地球表面、墓仔埔也敢去+製造浪漫(冠佑)、笑忘歌+相信、擁抱(丁噹合唱)、孫悟空+SOLO、約翰藍儂+我、最重要的小事、天使、生命有一種絕對、倔強,Encore 1 戀愛ING、突然好想你、知足、溫柔,Encore 2 彩虹、志明與春嬌、憨人.

My favorite part in this concert was Mayday sang 溫柔. that’s really really cool & romance!!! LOVE IT!!! million of small pieces paper fall from top of stadium.  YENG AH!!!!!

Check this out~ photo of that nite


RayDingDangFans_1DNADNA_BumbleBeeAshin          MonsterAshin_2   StoneMasaGuan YouAshin_3Stone_2Encore 

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