Friday, September 26, 2008

Shanghai trip?? no la.. working...hehe

harlo..i've reach shanghai for 2days le..heheh not yet start working..but tomorrow will start le..hahaha

so these 2 days i hav walked around sumwhere near hotel n sum in city place..

our hotel not in in a small town.. call xing zhuang in min hang district..hehe so deep leh..haha

1st impression to shanghai is... nice place but too many population.. it's more than 10 millions ppl in is call metropolitan oledi..lolz second big city in china..haha like penang in malaysia...hahahh..but it is too far away compare penanag with shanghai...hahahaahah

n shanghai also hav a lot of delicious food but sum are too oily... after that i LS...lolz..hahah

n shanghai also is a place for shopping..hahah.manyshopping complex here..XD..

below are sum photos that i took in these 2 days.. then part 2 will coming soon la ..keep on waiting la..hehehe

in KLIA depart at 1.40am..flight no. CZ 4004 to Pudong, sleepy..

on the way to hotel, n i saw a shopping chinese is 家乐福.hahaha

my breakfast..小杨生煎is very popular food in shanghai.. its like a fired 小笼包 but fried in bottom only,then add sum sesame..TASTE GOOD~

in front of our hotel..there hav a very wide motorcycle lane in front of me...then come to double for car n big vehicle. every road in shanghai also hav a motorcycle lane..except the lorong la..haha

this is the hotel that i live...hahah Cheer Snow Hotel..hahahha kewl name huh.~

the nearest LRT Station from our hotel..walk time around 15 mins..lolz hahah

hahaha...finally my face is shown... veli "chan"..not enuf sleep..hahah.

inside the taxi hav a touch-screen LCD monitor..."mai xiao xiao" ar..

hahahhaShanghai skyline in afternoon time...there is a Oriental Pearl Tower..~

hehe today's lunch 口水鸡汉堡in shanghai KFC..DELICIOUS~~.. recipe..steam the chicken 1st then bbq it..hehe details frm the packaging..

a broke building near to the 七浦街 shopping complex.. veli nice looking.i'm lovin it..haha

hahah..funny spec..~~ wat i hav bought today..n the scraf n another spec..heheh


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


hai hai..i juz wan to share with urs... nice cloud n blue sky.. these 2 shots i hav took when i was in the car n on the way frm queensbay to island plaza, its around 5pm or 6pm

its a long time din see a veli veli clear blue sky n super white clouds in the sky le.... i think yesterday is the best weather in 2008..hahahaha

in front of Crystal Point

in front of Esso Petrol Station (BJ)


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

hahaha...monkey beach..

hahaa..r+ & tomo group go monkey beach...actually we targeted go pantai keracut..but finally the boatman said it is danger to go there..bcos of the weather of that day..cloudy n windy.. so we hav decided go to monkey beach....hahaha so happy that, it's a sunny day ..yes!!~
Group photo..~~
hei..J.. eyes masuk "sua" ar?? hahahah wat u stepping??
always become sandyman..
cool?? siao meh...~

siao lang..~hahaha

lol..fei lai ar..!!

wei..y so smelly har..whose leg kena "sai"..hahah
cool?? wei...wat mt n eve doing thr..not cool at all~

Monday, September 8, 2008

7th of September Cheese cake~~

hahah..i'm doing cheese cake again... this time do for sumone..hahaha..for a birthday gal...
here hav 2 photos.. the 1st 1 is b4 decoration ,then the 2nd is after deco.. hahaha..i think b4 deco is better.. i make it square because of to fit in my container... hahhaha