Wednesday, September 10, 2008

hahaha...monkey beach..

hahaa..r+ & tomo group go monkey beach...actually we targeted go pantai keracut..but finally the boatman said it is danger to go there..bcos of the weather of that day..cloudy n windy.. so we hav decided go to monkey beach....hahaha so happy that, it's a sunny day ..yes!!~
Group photo..~~
hei..J.. eyes masuk "sua" ar?? hahahah wat u stepping??
always become sandyman..
cool?? siao meh...~

siao lang..~hahaha

lol..fei lai ar..!!

wei..y so smelly har..whose leg kena "sai"..hahah
cool?? wei...wat mt n eve doing thr..not cool at all~


J said...

haha fun
but i lack of energy that day
next time will be more fun la

Mei Thing said...

mr not busy eh busyman siao lang ray labin shar partner.. (huh.. tired, long name)

for da question u ask me, i think if i'm not mistaken i'm stepping on ur leg la.. hahahahaha...


ray said...

mt: long ar my name...@.@
..thx for let me knw..hahahah~~
J: yala time forsure need to bring more energy go..~~hahaha


Vincent Teoh said...

Ray, you're so xin fu.
So many girls with you.

Which one is your girl then? :)

ray said...

weiii...... not gals with me... is me with gals..hahah

ermmm which 1 ar... i dun think so..hehehe
will tell u when i hav..


Bee said...

i like no.6~~ xD